Adding orders for subscriptions via the API

I am just starting to use the API and have a few questions:

In Infusionsoft I have a product that has a monthly subscription. When a new user signs up for my application, they are set up for the monthly subscription (say $10.00 per month) automatically.

This application is used by accountants to provide services for numerous clients. I want to be able to call the API to add multiple new subscriptions. For example, if the user adds a second client in my app, I want to call the API to add an order in Infusionsoft. The order would add an additional monthly subscription for the same product.

So, one of my users (the accountant) may have 10 subscriptions, each of which costs $10.00 per month. (The account is an Infusionsoft user, but his/her clients are not).

It looks like I need to use XML-RPC at this point because the REST API does not support creating orders. Is that correct?
Is is possible to add multiple subscriptions for the same product for a user?


Hi @Fred_Parrish, you can add multiple subscriptions for the same product for a single contact in Infusionsoft. You’re correct that the REST API does not currently have an endpoint for creating orders. However, we are currently working on one and it should be available in the next 1-2 weeks! If you need something sooner you could use the existing XML-RPC endpoint OrderService.placeOrder.

Nicholas: Thanks very much for the info. I will try to wait on the REST API version. I do have a question about that: will there be a concurrent release of the .NET helper library?


You’re very welcome! We’re working on getting SDKs automatically generated for a number of languages. I don’t have details on which languages we will support but I would imagine .NET will be on the list.

The existing .NET helper library was created by a third party so we don’t have any control of when it gets updated. If you need something more up to date this one looks like a promising option. Please take that with grain of salt as I don’t know much about .NET :slight_smile:.

I am checking back to see if you have implemented the ability to add subscriptions for contacts in the REST API. I looked in the documentation but I don’t see it.


Hi @Mark_Sutton, we do not have REST endpoints for performing CRUD operations on subscriptions but I will provide this feedback to our product manager. An endpoint to list subscriptions will be releasing soon, however.

@Nicholas_treciba Any news on this? I need users to be able to buy subscriptions from external site

You can currently add subscriptions via Keap REST API

I thought that was for creating subscriptions in IS instead of “ordering” them.
Thanks so much specially for the quickness