HTTP REST API Add Order or Subscription

Hi there,

Currently there seems to be no api-interface to add an order or a subscription by REST action.

Hence my question: Is this missing method planned to be implemented soon? How long will the legacy XML RPC Api stays available? Are there any plans to flag it as deprecated?

Thanks in regards for any reply…

There are currently three api options. The isdk is already considered deprecated but is still in use. IS does not have a date as of yet for it to be discontinued but promises to provide ample time for transition. The current api (which uses the legacy terminology) is actually relatively new and requires the use of oauth rather than an app api key. The REST implementation, which as you noted is still being built up, also requires oauth and will eventually have more like orders/invoices and other objects. So you can continue to use the isdk with the app key with this understanding but it is preferred that the current api be used and/or REST were possible. The Job table can be written to in order to create orders and the invoice table will contain and can be modified to work with the resulting invoices.