API Methods Documentation

I’m new to the IFS API, and looking for best way to begin.

I have a couple questions:

  • REST, XML RPC or iSDK?
    I believe REST is the best way to go, but some features might still be in development. Specifically, I need to be able creating new leads, invoices, orders, and subscriptions for these leads from my app. Is it safe to proceed with REST now?

  • What is best way to discover API methods? ( what methods are available, what each method does, what are return values, e.t.c. )

Sorry for newbie questions

Hi @Arseni_Timofeev,

I’d recommend reading the first three sections of our REST API documentation. That’ll give you a good overview of how you should make requests to that API.

After that, have a look at the left-hand navigation of our REST API documentation to get an idea of what resources are available to you.

As you browse through the resources, be sure to expand the samples on the right (you’ll need to click Show samples).

If you’ve signed up for a developer account, you may find it useful to try out the API through the documentation. Look for the Try The API button and Try buttons, throughout.

Have fun!

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Hi Mike,
Thank you for quick reply!
REST API is very well documented, and I love the ability to play with API calls right from the documentation page.
However, I could not find any reference to a way to create an order, invoice or subscription. I will definitely need to initiate recurring subscriptions via API. Does that mean, that I’ll need to check out something besides REST option?

Those resources are not yet available through the REST API. You will find them in the XML-RPC API, however.

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Thanks Mike! That really helps. XML-RPC seems to have all I need to proceed.

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