Automating uploading of digital assets for digital products


I am new to Infusionsoft, but I have been a developer for 20 years.

We will be generating new “orders” daily on a completely separate custom (non IS) web site. These “orders” will have two pdfs associated with them. I would like to be able to create an automated process by which every time a new “order” gets created, I can call an IS api that will upload this as a new digital product along with its two digital assets into our IS ecommerce site. I havent seen this capability in the documented api for products, but I was wondering if there were any undocumented apis or if anyone had attempted something similar.


Hey @Curtis_Yee I don’t think we currently have a way to upload a digital product to your inventory :frowning: . If you are attaching the files to a contact record, and not a product, you should be able to use the REST API File endpont. Maybe @John_Borelli has some suggestions?

Hi, @Curtis_Yee,

The most practical suggestion I can give is a very new addition to the REST api. It gives the ability to manage files on the contact level and get a download url that can be used to provide access to users.!/File/listFilesUsingGET

so given we can only upload pdfs to a contact, we could use that to delivery the pdfs to a purchaser of a product. I’m assuming there is a way to trigger IS to send an http request to an external website (with custom url get params based on the product sku that was ordered and the name/email/id of the purchaser) upon purchase of a product? this http request would be fulfilled by our own custom website and it would upload the 2 pdfs to the purchaser’s account in IS. Then the purchaser would be notified that the reports are available for them in their IS account. Does that sound doable?

You would raise a tag which would trigger the start of a campaign sequence that would contain an http post with what parameters you decide.

ok, ill have to research campaigns and stuff. im new to IS and have been tasked with seeing if IS can do what we need from an ecommerce perspective. Thanks for the input!