Create an App for Updating Tracking Numbers

Hello, I was wondering if we can get our Dev Team to create an APP and integrate it with Infusionsoft. This app will be for uploading tracking numbers onto Infusionsoft.

Right now, we are uploading all tracking numbers manually, which is very time consuming. So we may ask our Dev Team to create an app to upload tracking numbers.

Would infusionsoft be able to integrate with apps created by our Dev Team?

Yes, you can do this by creating custom field for an order and update that field when tracking number is available via API.


Can you elaborate?

What we want our Dev team to do is, create an APP that houses all the infusionsoft orders we receive. Then through the app, all we need to do is upload one file of tracking numbers and all the orders will be processed and updated into Infusionsoft via our APP.

What information from infusionsoft will we need for our Dev team to integrate the app?

Im not sure how your home APP is developed but you will need to connect your APP to IS with API, either legacy API key or more preferred OAuth2.0 Protocol, after connection you will search orders/invoices with IDs in IS and update tracking fields against each order/invoice ID.
e.g when i receive API payload at my endpoint URL from fulfillment company (after tracking link is generated (in JSON format)) i process this JSON payload, search the order/invoice in IS and update the tracking field with tracking IDs and links etc. against that order/invoice ID.