Transfer of Data from an App into Infusionsoft

Hi There. It’s Fred from Sydney,Australia Here. I was talking to support Chat earlier and the gentleman suggested I post my Question here. So here goes…

I am having an App built that will Enable Social Sign-Up with FB or Google. Will be asking for:

First Name/Surname/Mobile #/Postcode and would like to be able to transfer this info directly into Infusinsoft and create a new contact record

Would like to get instructions for the developer on what he needs to do at his end.


Good morning!

We have a variety of resources available for those that would like to develop on the Infusionsoft API, most of which are accessible through the Infusionsoft Developer site.

Once you’re set up and have your authentication, creating a Contact record in Infusionsoft is a fairly simple task.

Hi @Fred_Fliedner,

Your developer will need to learn the use of the Infusionsoft API/REST options available to him or you may consider hiring someone to create that part that your developer can just “call” from their code so as to simplify their time/effort. We’ve designed such endpoints for others but it really depends on what needs to get done as well. So your developer may first want to look at what options are available so far in the new REST implementation here:!/Account_Info/getAccountProfileUsingGET