API methods & functionality

Hello! We are interested in using Infusionsoft, but after the initial demos we have some questions about integrating our own internal software:


Is it possible to retrieve the confirmed quotes via the REST API? The REST API Documentation doesn’t mention them at all.

Add Orders

Similar to the previous question, we would like to keep track of orders made on other already running e-commerce systems. It seems not possible to add/create orders via the REST API.

Contact forms

Contact forms would be a great way for us to collect both leads and order details. Since we are a printing shop, it seems a good idea to have one or more “file attachment” field in the form. My question is (a) whether it’s possible at all and (2) whether we can get all the form fields, including files, via the API.

Catalog Prices

Another detail about us, being a printing shop, is that we work by price lists. Basically we have a list of prices according to quantity, and the same for “add-ons” which are additional elements on products. Each add-on has a quantity-based price list. Can this system be replicated in Infusionsoft? As icing on the cake, it would need to be customisable per customer.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @David_Gasperoni, we are still developing on the REST API, there are still a few things needed before it has function parity with the xmlrpc api.

For Quotes, I do not know of a way to get them from REST or xmlrpc at this time.

For Orders, that does exist in xmlrpc but not REST at the moment.

For attaching files via a form, you should be able to use the File endpoint to upload files as well as retrieve files. You should also be able to get fields via the retrieve contact endpoint

The Catalog Prices sound like product options to me, feel free to checkout this helpcenter article to see if it fits your need.

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