Can applying a tag to a customer change the radio answer in a custom field on a customer profile?

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I have a quick question. Can applying a tag to a customer change the answer from No to Yes on a custom field on that customer’s profile?

We have custom field - Accepted T&Cs Yes/No which is by default set to No. Once a customer signs up they automatically accept the T&Cs. Now, the question is - when we tag the customer, can that tag also change the answer from No to Yes?

Or is there a way to do this automatically instead of manually go into each new customer’s profile to change it?

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Yes, you can do this automatically, @Rich_Robinson. A tag goal that is “looking for” the Yes tag being applied to a contact record can trigger a sequence that can include a “Set Field Value” snippet. In that snippet, that’s where you can set the value of the Yes/No custom field to “Yes.” Will that work for you?


I think so, I had a look at how to set this up and it seems like what we need. Thank you for that.

A quick question though. The campaign is published, the tag that triggers it is also live and already pulling customers who sign up. The tag is connected to a sequence which contains only 1 email in it. Would it look like the below, do I include the SET FIELD VALUE snippet in the sequence before the actual email?:

Tag → Sequnce → (inside sequence) start > Set Field Snippet > Email


You got it :slight_smile:

I did it earlier, many thanks for helping! :slight_smile: