Callback url for esp intergration

I am a newbie (very green) and not a developer.
I am using dojomojo and I have to set up a custom integration to pass contacts from that software and move name and email over to infusionsoft into a campaign.
That should be simple right? The Dojomojo app asks for me to input a callback url.
I assume this will be one generated from IS. (correct?)
1- I went to IS and created a developer account, but it asks me to input Register Callback URL - what am I supposed to input. Since it was not required I left it blank and got my API keys. client_id and client_secret .
2- I went to the generated app. Went application and hit edit – but I have no calback url.
What am i doing wrong and which steps am I missing.

Thanks in advance for your quick and helpful responses


I’m actually not sure why it needs an API key or URL at all, since it seems to be using OAuth2 to integrate on your behalf via sign-in, and API Keys are an older, legacy method.

However, that’s not a question we’d be able to answer over here, since they maintain the integration. I’d suggest contacting to find out exactly what pieces of information they are relying on.


already went that route and they (dojomojo) do not have a working set integration and therefore I have to make a custom integration. It requires a callback url. The Integration looks like it is there, but it sends the contact info generically into IS and no way to specify campaign or tag.

Any ideas?

Anyone else have any ideas?