Broadcasts going to recipient's junk folder

We are getting a lot of ongoing reports from contacts the emails we send are not being received or being captured in their junk folder.

Have set up DKM authentication on our account.

Noticed our footer used our P.O. Box address - could that be a cause (have just now changed to a street address)

Any suggestions appreciated as this has been ongoing for many months now.


Hi John, I don’t think the footer would have anything to do with it. Have you checked you aren’t on any blacklists?

I’d suggest reaching out to someone like Adrian Savage - - who is an expert in problems such as this.

Hope that helps



There are a lot of factors that effect this especially lately. DKIM is just one of a few records that need managing. SPF and DMARC can also play a part.

Also, lately, if your emails even mention the c19 virus or anything on that subject, your emails will be sent to junk by most providers but most certainly by google/gmail, so content is a big factor here (not just c19 but other topics can have similar results).

Finally, your domain reputation is also a big part of the equation. You can check your domains reputation by going to googles postmaster tools Click here to do that