Bounced email blasts

I have 130 emails that bounced on Sat and I’d like to delete those emails. Is there anyway to delete all the email addresses only not their other contact info at 1 time instead of going into each individual contact

Run a search for those contacts. When the list of contacts comes up, check the box at the top of the list to select all. Then, under the ‘actions’ drop down, choose ‘mass update contacts’.
Click the checkbox next to ‘email’ and that will open an e-mail field.
Enter “-” into the email field and it will replace the email with the hyphen.

That’s the only way I know of to ‘delete’ the emails without using a 3rd party piece of software to make the field completely blank.


Thank you Jeff!!
I will try that out tomorrow.

Have a great night.



I would recommend against doing that, at least to start with. In IS, if you don’t have unique email addresses assigned then you’re really asking for a mess to happen. If you’re going to do so then at least do an export of those contacts first as a backup. If you have their phone information then you might consider a single SMS blast to them to prompt them to correct the records. It may just have been typo’s in many cases. 130 isn’t that many, but in terms of adopting a process, I’d be careful about just removing the email. Even if the email is invalid, it specifically allows campaign builder to uniquely identify them and there are still many things you can or may want to do with the contacts.

Thank you John,

Good to know!