Blank Email Field

Currently we have 369 contacts with personal email addresses which we need bulk remove to a blank field, can anyone help with this?

Are you needing to retain these email addresses, or are you trying to just mass clear the email field for these 369 contacts.

If you are just trying to clean them out, if you go to a contact search, and pull up your list of 369, there is an action in the Actions menu, called Mass Update Contacts. This would allow you to choose the checkbox for Email, leave the field value blank, and then, down at the very bottom of the field selection page, there is an option to allow a blank value to clear out field data (Meaning, since we selected Email, above, but left the value blank, this option at the bottom will clear out the email for all the selected contacts in our search.)

Here is a quick visual of me doing this in my application.


Perfect…all sorted

Mo x