Contact s Opt out list

If sending emails I’m getting the notice those people don’t receive your emails. Thera a hundreds of people. How I can delete those contacts to empty space? Thank you for your help.

Click on that list.
When the list is showing, click the little check box at the top left of the list to ‘select all’

Then, run an action

Mass update

Click the checkbox next to email, but don’t enter anything in the box

At the bottom, check ‘allow blank entries to erase data’

Click ‘ok’

That should set the fields to blank.

Hi Jeff.

There is no check box. Picture attached.



In this case, the reason they are not getting the emails is due to a bad email status.

Run the Marketing - Reports - Email Status Search report

Choose the ‘bad’ email statuses (opt-out, hard bounce, unsubscribe, etc.)

Then do the process I outlined.