BlueShift Payment Gateway

I need to use BlueShift Payment Gateway with my Infusionsoft account.

They have this documentation that could be helpful:

Authorize.Net Modern XML Emulator

If your application is using Authorize.Net’s current XML API, then you can connect using our newest emulator. Like the above-mentioned emulators, this will accept requests in the same XML format that Auth.Net would accept, so it’s just a matter of changing your POST URL to the one below and using your gateway credentials for authentication. This emulator also emulates the response so that should look the same to your software.

Our Modern XML Emulator URL is:

For authentication, this API looks for “name” and “transactionKey”.

  • “name” can be anything, as it is not used for authentication.
  • “transactionKey” is your API Security Key.

Once you’re setup with (meaning connect blue shift with an account, you’ll be able to setup your Infusionsoft merchant account using the information:


Is there a way to connect Infusionsoft directly with BlueShift without BlueShift is a Payment Gateway that we want to use.

No, Infusionsoft seriously limited the number of in app merchant options some time ago. is quite a standard in payment gateways so they probably thought it was the most flexible way.

Nexus Merchants
First Data

Cart Connect
Network Merchants

are the only in app options.

CartConnect has a solution where they can setup connecting any outside merchant account but I believe it still involves using to accomplish