Accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Hi There,

Is there a way to accept mobile payment methods (Apple, Google, Samsung Pay) via an online Infusionsoft order form on a website, without a physical payment terminal?

We use as our back-end merchant and they confirm their acceptance of Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay as transaction methods.

Having just spoken with Infusionsoft tech support they advise that with our Infusionsoft API we should be able to accept mobile payments (via and have the API update Infusionsoft’s payment system. The onus being on a mobile payment solution provided by taking the mobile payment.

However this is NOT what we wish to do. We want the Infusionsoft order form, online on our website to accept mobile payments without a physical terminal being present.

Does anyone know of a way this can be done? We would even consider switching to the built-in Keep Payments system if it has this flexibility.

The reason for asking is we are trying to stay relevant to our customers by expanding the payment methods they wish to use online.