Integrating card readers

Hi. I an planning on accepting credit cards in person with a card reader, but I want the customer to then be able to be integrated into Infusionsoft. I haven’t purchased the card reader(s) yet. I use an outside merchant account that is not Infusionsoft. Anyone know how to do this?

This is a little old but here’s my reply. I just purchased the Infusionsoft card reader. I had to redownload the infusionsoft mobile app (something wasn’t working right on it [iphone version]). Anyway, I was able to pair the reader to my phone. In the mobile app, I found my personal record and made a test purchase. When adding the payment by CC, I was able to insert the chip card and the payment was processed. The app asked for a signature and I did so with my finger. All went well.

Couple of things. Be aware that the app may experience connectivity problems depending on the internet connection. At first, it kept crashing if I was on our network due to our firewall filters (i’m guessing). So straight through the mobile phone network there was no problem.

Another potential issue could be related to returns. I was unable to void a transaction through the infusionsoft payments gateway via the website app. Not sure if this is intended or not, but could be a problem with returns or if a customer changes his mind.

A third possible issue is that the card number is stored only as the last four digits in the Infusionsoft database. So I’m not sure how this would work with subsequent followup orders … just not sure.