Infusionsoft Payments Bluetooth Mobile Card Reader

Is anyone else having problems getting their Infusionsoft Payments Bluetooth mobile card readers to pair with the Infusionsoft Mobile app?

iOS 11.1.2
Infusionsoft Mobile app version 1.11.0 (610)

Following the instructions (Max Classic Mobile Card Reader | Max Classic)
I’ve tried multiple iPads, and multiple card readers: the reader refuses to pair, and the mobile app crashes.

Hey Darryl,

We have received a couple reports of this. We have our Advanced Support team looking into these reports, including a case for you that I found is with our Advanced Support team. I don’t have any information as of yet, but the team is looking into how to resolve this.

Update: After updating to iOS 11.2, we are 10-for-10 at successfully pairing the bluetooth readers in the Infusionsoft Mobile app. Two more to track down and attempt to pair…