Banning certain users from Deleting Task or Notes on a client record

Hello - We want to be able to set User permission for some user groups to ban them from being able to deleting old or current tasks or notes. They should never be able to be deleted, just archived, as we work in the financial services space, so historical record keeping is critical.

Does anyone know how to achieve this within the User Permission section?

Ben K

I don’t believe that is an option inside the permissions.

If you want to archive the notes, just in case of deletion, I’d recommend setting up Integromat or Zapier to watch for ’note creation’ and then automatically take a copy of the note and feed the content to a Google Sheet. Not ideal, but at least you’d have a backup of all notes ever created.

Ping me ( if you’d like help with any of that.


Thanks for your answer Jeff. Has anything changed since Oct last year on this front - anyone?

I’m not aware of any changes at all to user settings. I just took a quick run-through and don’t see anything that looks different on the permissions section.


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