How can i see if an user delete a note?

there is a way to see if an user delete an apply note or task?

Thank you

Not natively. You would need to ask support, or use a service like Novak Solutions’ Cloud Backup.

Only possibility that I’m aware of is to use the webhooks api to determine when (and hopefully who) preforms the deletion of a note…even then, you’d need a way to store that information one way or another as it’s additional details that IS doesn’t normally have a place to put. Custom fields would be a bit off because if more than one note is removed it would only reflect the last one removed and not all of them…so that would mean recording that information in a database outside the app somewhere. Ultimately, it’s rarely worth it to someone to go through that much time and expense to find out who deletes a note.

You could check the user permissions to see what limits you can put on notes…it’s possible there’s one that will allow creating notes without deleting.