Automatic opt-ins

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I am having a problem with a Jotform integration, essentially the user is submitting 2 email addresses, one of which is being stored in Email Address 1 and the other in Email Address 2. Upon completing this form a campaign needs to send an email to both addresses however despite providing the option to opt-in people who complete this Jotform - when it passes through only Email Address 1 is opted in whilst Email Address 2 is left unmarketable.

Because of this, and Jotform being unable to give me an ETA on a fix, we need a solution that will enable us to opt-in an email address as part of a campaign. Any ideas on how to make this happen via script/existing API products?


There are no pre-made products that will optin email 2 directly but an api dev such as myself ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), could provide a quick solution for you.

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Sure @John_Borelli , I am looking at this on behalf of a client. So do you think you could give me a ballpark figure I could pitch?


Hi, @Sam_Vuanicau,

I sent you a PM in here :wink: