Auto Charge Not Happening for Orders Created via Legacy Action Sets

Following the instructions here: One Click Upsell after a purchase | Max Classic

Have a working funnel where everything functions except one thing: The orders created by the legacy action set, despite having their “Auto Charge” checkbox checked, are not attempting to bill the purchaser (created order is listed as offline, unpaid) – regardless of whether they paid via Paypal or credit card. Has this functionality been disabled?

@Sharon_Miller, this will only work if there is an active credit card on file. It will not work if Paypal (except for Paypal Payflow Pro which does work as a merchant) is the only purchase method used for a specific contact.

I had that assumption, so I made sure to attach an active CC to the contact record I’m testing with – still no auto charge.

To add – this client’s account is also setup w/ Paypal Payflow Pro (vy371 is their server’s name).

@Cheryl_Hunt Had to table this endeavor for a bit, but my client’s asked me to look back into this. Here’s the situation:

My client is looking to have a one-click upsell. Since I could not get one to work back in September, I’ve re-created the example one given at One Click Upsell after a purchase | Max Classic, and ensured that the contact record I’m testing the funnel with has an active, current credit card on file as its only on-file payment option. The entirety of the campaign is successful, and the upsell order is created (via the legacy action set described in the demo), but it is never auto-charged – looking in the order’s details, while auto-charge is set to “yes”, no attempt to auto-charge has been made across the last 4 days.

I am only using the “Pay with Credit Card” option, since Paypal transactions can’t be auto-charged against.

They have Paypal Payflow Pro setup as their only payment processing option. They do not have the “I use PayPal for subscriptions and payment plans” checkbox checked.

I’m wagering that it’s because the “I use PayPal for subscriptions and payment plans” checkbox isn’t checked – but I haven’t been able to “prove” it so that the client will let me check that checkbox, and test with it on.

Hey Sharon,

Novak Solutions has a tool inside our Campaign Tools package called “Create Order” that will replace the action set and guarantee that the auto-charge does happen. New accounts can use 1 tool free, so you can implement this at no cost.