Automatic charges/billing not being billed as of May 18th 2019

As of Saturday, May 18th 2019 (today is Monday the 20th) our automatic payments, subscriptions and payment plans are NOT being billed automatically. Luckily, I know what our subscriptions and monthly payments are and was able to run them manually over the weekend, but today, Monday, the charges that are supposed to be ran have not ran either.
Has anyone else experienced that as well?

Really would need more information. Who are you running charges through (the merchant account…WePay, PayPal, I’m assuming this is for subscription (not recurring one time charges…which is different)?

Hi John, it is through and we have a case #1645576. It is the subscriptions and payment plans that are not being billed as scheduled. Please refer to our ticket/case number for more info.
I just called back in a few minutes ago as two regular orders came through without any issues, meaning that it is NOT an issue, but that it is an IS issue with recurring payments such as payment plan payments and subscriptions.

Hi, @Lucho_Crisalle,

I actually don’t work for IS. I’m just one of the community moderators. I’d stick with the support ticket route as IS can then look at their server logs to help determine what’s happening.