Assign task user via a custom field

G’day! Is there a way to Assign a task via a custom field in Campaign Builder?

This is the problem that we have: We are a multidiscipline financial service company and is using Infusionsoft as part of operating system. Our team relies heavily on tasks and we have around 40 advisors. Each client usually works with 3 advisors and tasks are created for all 3 of them. Each advisor would have roughly 20 tasks per client (created at different times). This means we can’t create a task using the “Assign to Contact’s owner” option. We have to use the “Assign to (backup)” and select the advisor manually. But this also means, our campaigns are huge and we need a lot of sequences for the same task because the are allocated to a different user.

This is my question: Can we have an option to assign a task based on a custom field instead? Now that we can have up to 150 custom fields (Loving it!), we can create a few “User List” custom field and use it as a task creation option. Or is there a simpler way around this that I’m simply missing…

Looking forward to any suggestions/ideas! :slight_smile:
p.s. Here’s a snapshot of one of our campaigns. We have at least 10 campaigns looking like this one:

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I don’t know of a way to natively create the task using custom fields, but if you used something like Integromat or Zapier you should be able to create tasks and assign to whomever.

As an example … say you have ’teams’ of people, you could have them listed on a Google Sheet (Team 1 - Joe, Bill, Mary). Then, you could have a trigger to Intergomat that says “Create this task with this criteria for Team 1” and the system can run through and trigger the creation of 3 Tasks - one for each of the team members.

That’s explained simply, but you could do that. It would make your setup a lot simpler.


Thanks for your reply Jeff. That does solve the round robin part of things.
However, there are roughly 15 subsequent tasks for the allocated advisor which are triggered by different triggers ranging from tags to clicked email etc. So it’s not sustainable to create so many sequences just for one advisor.

I did noticed a new update on the task today though so hopefully the an option to allocate the task based on a custom field will be up for consideration soon! :slight_smile: