Campaign task with multiple options

Hello so I have create a campaign to manage our monthly blogging for clients. Currently just over 200 a month. However some clients have us writing on multiple websites. I have 5 writers that the campaign creates task for based on a custom field for each writer. It also pulls in another custom website filed sometimes up to 4 sites into the description for which site they should be writing on. I would like a task for each blog vs just one task with four sites listed. Does anyone have any ideas on how to build the campaign.

John @John_Caldwell. I am not fully clear on what you are asking here but would be open to helping you in talking out the process you are looking to resolve. I’m thinking parts of the campaign can be managed using both tags and decision diamonds in assigning individual tasks. Would you be open to sharing a screenshot of what you currently have in place for a clearer understanding of the issue?. Please share in the community feed or simply reach out to me personally and I’ll take a look and see where I can direct you.

@SaraKhoudary I need a way to pick of a list from multiple custom fields. Our clients sometime have 2, 3 or 4 websites that we blog on every month. so when creating a task through a campaign I need some way of choosing which blog this task is for.! Here is what i have so far. decision diamond choose which writer it goes to but and once in the sequence it for that writer it creates a task and pulls the custom field info. Problem is i need to be able to choose which custom field.

John @John_Caldwell. To understand further the process of initiation the campaign, How is the tag getting applied to initiate assigning the writer? I think I have an idea for resolution but need to understand the steps that launch the campaign.

tag is applied after a sale. the first sequence is just to remove and apply a new tag then apply an action set and note. The head writer assigns a writer to the project and the decision diamond send that task of writing to the writer once they are selected off of a custom field. The task is then created for that person to write monthly blog for a particular website. Now that site is just chosen based on the if the infosite field is filled out. the problem becomes that some clients have multiple sites with us. So i need an automated way to assign which site it is. just listing all the sites is not going to work.

John @John_Caldwell here is a demo video offering two scenarios that may help you troubleshoot assigning multiple projects to an individual team member. Since I am unaware of the purchase process, in the first example I demonstrate how to use external forms that are client facing to assign projects. If you’d like to fast forward to the second option, starting at the 6:50 marker, I demonstrate an option using a single internal form by assigning internal management teams the initial task to designate multiple projects to an individual team member. Hopefully, this will help give you further insight on additional options for managing your project assignments. Let me know if I can assist you any further. Do reach out to me through my contact details on my profile for further in-depth support, should you need. Good luck. Infusionsoft Help - How to Designate Multiple Projects to Individual Users - YouTube

Hello Sara sorry for the delay I was out of the office for a few days. So I watched the video and it kind of helps. I don’t think I quite understand it. the 2nd option I think is the right track. I already have custom fields for the infosites and the writers created. So what i need is an internal form that pulls the writer that has already been assigned as they wrote the site and once done will be continuing to write the blogs but that is not 100% so it will need to pull that info from the field that already exists and then on the same form I would need to be able to choose which site this task is for by choosing the infosite that is listed for the contact.

@John_Caldwell. You’re on the right track. Looks like quite a few more dynamic pieces for you to put together. Incorporating a combination of tagging systems and use of internal forms should do the trick. What I would suggest at this point is to map out each stage and each scenario on paper in a bullet list of what should happen when - then build from there.

  1. First initial assignment of a writer to a new blog
  2. Rentry - reassignment of continued project management

You can reach out to me through the Infusionsoft Marketplace if you need further step-by-step support. Good luck! :smiley: