Are API calls logged on your end?

We have had a recurring issue with tag application for a bunch of our contacts.
One of tags has been applied to a bunch of contacts (30-40), and we did not initiate this or want this to happen.

  • We sell memberships via memberium.
  • We have memberium API logs turned on (and are not able to find these calls in them, all other calls are in there)
  • Support has confirmed it is not applied via email, forms etc.

Are calls made via API logged on your end? What information can we get from that? How do we reach your devs? This is my fourth attempt and there seems to be no way to escalate something from your support to technical team.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Raj_S

I can help you with this. Can you DM me your app information


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Hey Vasanth

I had DMed yesterday. Let me know if you received it

I’d really appreciate a reply as our entire site migration is blocked due to this with no light for a solution.

Hello Raj_S,

Can you submit a ticket to the ASRs I’ll follow up with the team to have a fix for this. My initial analysis didn’t lead to any solution.

Thank you