Is there an API log where we can view API calls that have been made on our account?

We’re getting a strange issue where some contacts’ subscription jobs are being updated without us knowing why and IS says that it’s via API calls but I know for certain that we have no API scripts that update customer subscription jobs so it would help to be able to see where the other API calls are coming from. Is there a log or API call history available somewhere?

Depends on what authentication method you’re using (or any other is using). API key or OAuth?

If something is using the api key method then support should be able to track it. If oauth then logging into masher will have an api log/trace you can look at.

Since you’re not aware of calls that would be doing this then it’s likely the api key method and could be from any product outside of IS that you’re using (Zapier, Parsey, other third party tools like PlusThis or Novak Solutions or My Fusion Helper or Fix Your Funnels etc)