API endpoint change log?

We had a major outage this morning with our Infusionsoft-integrated system, due to an apparent change to at least one of the REST API endpoints. (The /contacts endpoint is returning a “General error” if you pass 'id': 12345 as one of the contact properties in the request body. We didn’t change any code on our side, but suddenly every update we tried to PUT was failing due to that field.)

Does anybody know if there an API Change Log we can subscribe to, in order to be notified of changes like this? (This doesn’t appear to be what we’re looking for.)

It looks like work was being done regarding one of our backend data services, and inadvertently caused the issue. I’ve tracked the cause back to the change in particular and flagged it as high-priority. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

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@Jason_Pau, I’ve been informed that a fix should be rolling out via staged release to all application instances today, finishing tomorrow afternoon.

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Thanks Tom!

I realize this issue was due to a bug, but in case of legitimate changes to the API, is there a way for developers to be notified or a change log that we can subscribe to?

We don’t currently have a dedicated distribution channel for changes such as this other than the API Community forum, no.