XML-RPC returning an empty response

I’m trying to track down an issue we started experiencing today (10/22/19) while making a call directly to XML-RPC. We’re getting back a 200 for the status code but the response is empty.

We haven’t made any recent changes to the code base, this is the first time we’ve run into an issue like this.

The software is experiencing some issues right now, so it could be due to that.
We are seeing massive latency and access errors on multiple applications.

I’m not on the tech team, but just fyi from what I’m seeing. I’ve also experienced errors with access via 3rd party apps.


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The update to fix the xml rpc issue resulted in server instability and some had to be restarted…so there will be a short window of slowness, but should be normal soon

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Keap is indicating this has been fixed. Are you still experiencing this? If so, do let them know so they know to chase it down.

Thanks John, everything looks to be back to normal now.

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Awesome, great to hear :wink:

This issue just started popping back up about a week ago and I’m trying to track it down. Has anyone else experienced similar issues recently?

I have a great many integrations that I’ve written over the years and none of those past clients have reported any issues (and I’m quite certain they would lol) and my current projects are not experiencing this at all either.

Is this on a pre-existing (un changed) api solution or something new you’re working on?