XML-RPC functional for how long?


Is the legacy XML-RPC endpoint still working? How long will it remain functional before it’s removed?



The legacy api is still in use but is not normally directly accessed but rather used through the language kits provided (like php, ruby or python dependencies). It remains in use but is not “supported”. Meaning calling support about the legacy api will not be supported etc but it’s use continues. IS has said that it will be sunset in the future but have yet to give an actual timeline and promise a reasonable time for conversion.

In addition to @John_Borelli’s comments, we also will not be supporting our newer offerings or feature controls via XMLRPC.

We suggest that all new integrations are built via the REST API, which we will be continuing to expand and improve.

To provide a little clarity. We do support the API calls working as intended. An issue with an API call not working as intended will be researched however it might not be fixed as a REST API call replaces it or API calls that can replace it will come in the future. XML API calls that aren’t working can be fixed through if they don’t work as designed.

When John talks about it not being supported the specific SDK having an issue is seen differently then the API having an issue. If the correct API call is sent with the correct parameters and the functionality isn’t producing the results that are expected regardless of SDK or simple request post this is something to report to support. If the issue is that an SDK isn’t creating the correct request body then the issue shouldn’t be directed to Infusionsoft support and should be directed as an issue in the library with the issue. This allows the library owner to see and resolve the issue without playing telephone.

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We are actively researching the most highly used portions of XML-RPC and leveraging that to prioritize continued development efforts in REST. There is no definitive timeline set yet for a full removal of XML-RPC, though we are targeting some OAuth2 improvements very soon to make the transition more smooth. I anticipate we will begin removing (with proper notice) the least used portions of XML-RPC as early as the beginning of 2018. For heavily used portions those will remain until 1) we have sufficiently provided access to that data in a RESTful way AND 2) we’ve given sufficient time and notice (at least 6-12 months) that a particular endpoint is being deprecated. We will work with any and all of our developer partners to help with their transition from both legacy API keys to OAuth as well as legacy XML-RPC calls to REST.