We have been using XML-RPC to pass data from our custom application to our campaigns. We’ve had no problem with that, but we understand that the XML-RPC API is depreciated and the Keap REST API is what we should be using. We have quite a few campaigns using the XML-RPC API, do we need to migrate them to the REST API? If so, how soon?

Also, assuming we begin migrating to the REST API, can we concurrently be using both the REST API and the XML-RPC API?

As long as you are using OAuth Access Tokens to integrate, you can make calls against any of our APIs. If you are currently using the Legacy API Key to access just the XMLRPC API you will need to make that transition.

At the point where we begin shutting off the XMLRPC API we will be sure to notify consumers, but converting calls sooner is generally better, so that you aren’t under an unexpected time pressure when the notification arrives.

Is there a timeline for shutting off the XMLRPC API?

Unfortunately I am unable to communicate any details about that at this time.