Some technical questions

Hello, we intresting in integration with GoToWebinar / Salesforce and I need help with some following questions.

Developer account

  • Do we need a developer account at for application integration?
  • If yes, what functionality is available for developer accounts?
  • How to match developer account with corporate account?

API methods

1)What are key differences between REST API and XML-RPC API? For example by XML-RPC I can “Create a Contact and Check for Duplicates” and by REST API same result can be achieved by “Create or Update a Contact”. Do you have a tutorial that explains difference between theese two protocols? What can be posted / get by REST and can’t by XML-RPC?
2)Are any methods/protocols going to become deprecated soon?
3)Are there any restrictions for accessing custom fileds in both REST/XML-RPC?

There are way too many differences to explain them all here. For specs on the xml-rpc go to this link:

For specs on REST go to this link:!/Account_Info/getAccountProfileUsingGET

XML-RPC can use an api key or oauth. REST is required to use oauth. The implementation and options available differ greatly between the two so you’ll have to review the docs and determine which one will provide what you need the best.