Applying tags from an internal form, sequence dependent

If I apply a tag with an internal form and then apply a different tag, in the same form, attempting to use the first tag applied in a decision diamond rule, in a separate campaign, what is a safe delay to set prior to running the decision diamond rule?

I hope that is English…lol

There really isn’t a delay between tag applications itself. So I guess the question is what process is in place between the application of the tags. You say the same form but different tags but what is happening during that time between them?

The fact that there is not a delay, is why I will create one in a sequence. The 1st tag applied will be a modifier, used through a decision diamond, placed after the 2nd tag is applied, simultaneously with the 1st tag.

Therefore the question is what is a safe amount of time for me to delay the timed sequence driven by the 2nd tag, to be sure decision diamond will pick up 1st tag that was applied…wow

I know it will depend on IS system, but 1 min, 2 min, 10 min, I want to make it the shortest safe time.


So if I understand, you’re saying that both tags are applied with the same form submission. If I got that right then you don’t need a delay. Run the first through your decision diamond and let it immediately run to the next tag check (in the following sequence it leads to). If you’re still at all concerned, a one minute delay is fine. Tag applications happen right away at a higher priority than most anything else.

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