Internal form applied to tags

Can i submit an internal form, and apply it to a tag or group of contacts?

No tag directly but you can use the Internal Form Submitted goal to trigger a sequence that raises tags set’s tasks, sends emails etc.

Hi @James_Matejko.

Yes, in the campaign sequence that the internal form is connected to, you would use the apply/remove tag function.

But will that work for a group, or do I need to submit an internal form for each client so apply / remove the tag?

My issue is that I import goods from overseas. Different clients are grouped at different times and different ships.
I want to update my customers periodically without having to check everyones details. I was thinking about putting a campaign together that will allow me to submit an internal form that will apply the dates of arrival to a series of customers.

What would be the best way to structure this campaign?


there are too many unknowns in that model. We don’t know how you track the differences in groups in the first place so how to apply that is unknown. If there were a known factor then a tag could be applied to each group but without knowing specifics (or if those specifics even exist) no one can answer that.


John, I really appreciate your support.

What if I explain it this way.

I have, say 20 customers who’s goods will arrive at my warehouse in three months time.

I have another 20 or so customers who’s goods leave 4 weeks later and are too expected to arrive in three months time.

I was hoping to give all these 40 customers an update via email on their arrival time.

Is there a way that I could put together one campaign, that would send out a series of emails, updating all 40 customers of the two different arrival dates?

There are ways to do it by setting a custom field for each customer to whatever that date might be (for example). But the thing is, how will you be able to tell which customers belong to which shipment so that the date for that shipment is only applied to the customers that it relates to?