I have an affiliate partner who has an entire network of affiliates and he wants to offer my online water self sufficiency course to them. Here is his question to me

I finally got around to setting up your offer. As mentioned, I need you to place our postback URL and test our test link for tracking purposes.

Postback url :{aff_sub2}

Test link :

For reference, this is how we have the link you issued me set up on our end (We use the HasOffers tracking platform):{affiliate_id}/aff_sub2={transaction_id}

Basically we need to pass 2 parameters and call back 1 which I’ve appended at the end of our link (not sure if I appended correctly).

Passing : {affiliate_id} and {transaction_id}

Calling back : {transaction_id}

I need to know what your tracking platform values are in replacement for our aff_sub= and aff_sub2= parameters.

You may need to reach out to your tracking platform support and or tech person if you don’t know what they are.