Adding quotas and activity goals

Is there a way to enter Quotas and activity Goals for Sales team members

Depends on what you want to do. You can manage workflow in campaign builder fairly thouroughly but what you want to do in response to some things might vary on how that’s done.

For example, you can use opportunities to manage stage to stage processes in your workflow and when a stage is moved from one to the other, trigger things to happen, like send an email to assist in continuing down a process path.

Conversely, if that stage doesn’t move after a set period of time, you can then send an email to remind the person they’re behind or have missed a goal.

Additionally, you can create tasks that must be completed but that would not have the benefit of doing anything when it was other than showing as completed, though you can use tags to track that as well.

So the point is that it will depend on your specifics in your workflow as to what you wish to track and how you wish to respond.