Action set to tag no email contacts

Does anybody have any ideas as to how to tag contacts as they come in based on if they have an email or not? I was attempting to set up an action set where a it would tag them based on a rule but their is no criteria option for email “is empty”. See photo below.

I understand you can do this via a search but I would like it to happen automatically upon them being added to the system.

Hi Ben, I just want to make sure I am on the right track. You want to tag contacts based on if there is or isn’t an email address in their contact record, is that right?

Yes, that is correct. I would like it to happen automatically not through performing a search and then doing a mass tag action.

Got it. This is a bit tricky. We have a Action Set that would be able to apply a tag if there is or isn’t a value in a field but the Email Field only looks at the Email Status. This requires a bit of a work around to see if the User has a Email Status and if that status is not found then therefore no email.

You can set this up by going to Marketing > Settings > Email Defaults

You would create it to apply a tag, and check the box to only run the action when rules are met:

Email Critiera

You can also look into Parsey

Is that what you are referring to? I accessed this through Marketing>Settings >Template Settings>Email Status Automation>Add A Trigger

Yes, exactly

Sorry forgot to attach the photo. But this is what I was referring to.

This would work only if an email bounced. You would also want to add other Email Status as shown in my example above. This is because the Email Address doesn’t have the option of looking if there is or isn’t an email. You would need to look at the status instead. If they don’t have an status then they don’t have an email.

Wouldn’t it always bounce if there was no email? Isn’t that what the drop down option “bounce- no email” is referring to?

If no email is present the email simply skips. No status is recorded including bounce.

You can create a test by setting up the action and then create a Test Contact with no email.

Okay. I will test it out and let you know. Thank you for all your input :grinning:

You bet! Here are clearer steps

  1. Go to the Email Defaults to setup tags to be applied for bounce status
  2. Create the Action Set to apply tag based on rules
  3. Set rules for the Email Address Status ( Email Status of Confirmed and Unconfirmed) and tags applied by Bounce Status
  4. Create a campaign to run the action set and then go into the campaign diamond

Action Set and Campaign screenshots/video

It would look a bit like this:


You would create it to apply a tag, and check the box to only run the action when rules are met:

Click Add

Then set the criteria like this:

The sequence after the goal will use it:

What would the field be that is empty if it can’t be email?