Accept task button

What does the Accept task accomplish

I believe (if memory isn’t failing me) that clicking that turns the task into an appointment to complete something or meet with someone.

We have a webform on our website that generates a task within InfustionSoft and is assigned to a generic user. That is great! We have a widgit on our Dashboards of the support team so the first available support person reaches out to them in a timely manner. BUT what is irritating to me is that task doesn’t drop off the list until that task has been completed rather than when someone has updated the task and/or the task has been assigned to a different user. In some cases, it may take several days to totally resolve the issue. As a work around for on-going issues, I have copied my notes, created a new task and deleted the original task to get them off the list. I was hoping the ‘accept task’ would possibly make a difference in how an automated task creation was recognized as having been attended to. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Well, that sounds normal actually. A task can be updated without it being completed so updating it should NEVER be a form of completion.