Tasks assigned to other owners cannot be pulled from API

I have a webhook setup to trigger on task.add, and it works just fine if I create the task from the infusionsoft website. But when I have a task created using a campaign, and assign it to the rep involved as the owner, I get a {“message”:“Task not found.”}.

I’m assuming it has to do with the assigned user, because I can replicate the problem and the only thing different about the task that I can see is that the assigned user is someone else. It does in fact state that the task was created by my account…

I setup the API with the credentials of the admin account, so I’m not really sure where to go from here.


furthermore, I just switched the assigned user, and I can now pull the task from the API… How do I get the API access to be at the system level?

@Sales_Reps Are you using the REST API to retrieve a task?

yes, and it works fine as long as my admin account is the “assigned to”, but if it is not it will not return the task even if my admin account is the owner of the task.

When you run through the initial oauth process, authorize using the admin signin. If you don’t then what can be viewed (even through the api) could be affected by user rights. Alternatively, open up the user rights, at least, just to see if it doesn’t clear it up when using a non-admin id.

@Sales_Reps This is unfortunately an issue with the REST task endpoints. They will only return tasks that are assigned to the current authenticated user. I will write up a ticket for this and pass along to our product manager.

A work-around would be to use the user_id filter on the list endoint for each of the users in the application.