Task differences

Why is there a difference between entering task in My Day or inside a Contact (both time driven) which populate your calendar and the add task feature when adding one when using the previewing Contact option which is not time driven and doesn’t show in your calendar.

It’s confusing everyone and making their calendars a mess. is there a way to set the Task feature to only use one way i.e. not entering the calendar but appearing in My Tasks in My Day

Any help please

Mo x

Currently there isn’t a way to disable a method of entering tasks, but this is something that our product team wants to look into.

Tasks are very important in the system, and people use them in a number of different ways, so I wanted to see if you could share some indepth feedback on our official product feedback form @ https://infusionsoft.com/tellus
It seems like you may be able to share some valuable feedback on what would enhance the feature, and what would help to eliminate the confusion that your team experiences with the current task entry methods.