TASKS - Can task be made time based

HI All,
I am using tasks however they only go into diary for a 30 minute window, can tasks be made time based - for example research 4 hours.

What do you actually mean by time based? Do you mean just showing a time with some relevance or are you looking for something that would be actionable?

What I mean is when i put a task into the system this populates into my calendar at the time set. However a typical task for me could be something that takes 4 hours like preparing of reports for a meeting. What i mean by time based is rather than the task just having a time we started the task could it have a start and finish time so it will block that time out in our calendars so we dont then accidantly take a appointment at same time to avoid diary conflict. Happy to talk more about it should you wish 07595352534

So a task cannot be setup to interact with your calendar in that way, though you might be able to record information in custom fields there isn’t a way to interact with the calendar based on that. Any reason why you couldn’t use appointments to introduce this functionality?