1 Account, 10 domains, 4 users - DKIM/SPF limitations

Hello IS folks

I have a problem. I have a product site that has 10+ languages, and I want to set up all 10+ domains to have their own individual DKIM/SPF records but unfortunatelly at the moment I am limited to the domains I have in our user list. Totally 4 users and 3 domains.

So what’s the workaround, to have domains and their variations added/verified:


and more coming.

Please let me know.


There really isn’t a work around. It is necessary to limit dkim to what has been verified by user emails because to not do so would allow me to set my Infusionsoft app up to send emails on behalf of your domain, simply by looking at an email you may have sent me. So the way to prevent this is to only allow validating DKIM for those that users have verified.

Hi John, don’t think you read my message fully.

Imagine infusinsoft.com, infusinsoft.fr, infusinsoft.ca, infusinsoft.de and so on. there’s probably easily 20-30 extensions where Infusionsoft is/can be used, so suddenly one would need bunch of users. Though it’s 2 people servicing all the regions.

I believe I did. The list only will have the domain names from the users that have verified email addresses. So one might be a .com address (for one user) another a .uk.co (for a separate user) etc. You would therefor need 10+ users with email addresses from each domain in order for that list to show them all and make them available to the dkim list in Infusionsoft.

This is a big issue, because we have about 200 domains in our other account. Sounds like $100k/year for user accounts just to do DKIM/SPF.

That’s understandable. However, as I mentioned, if Infusionsoft doesn’t do this then I can validate your domains on my own app simply by getting you to send me an email. It’s the only way to ensure an authorized user for an authorized domain name is getting used for dkim. If I may ask, what would someone (industry use case maybe?) need that many domain names for?

Hi John, will keep that in mind.

Don’t think it is common in the US based on states, but here in Europe, we have dozens of countries, and most of them have their own language/domains.

For example, French would rather trust and buy from .FR domain, than .com, same goes for majority of countries.

Secondly, localized domain also means benefits as better visibility in Google due SEO benefits and localisation perks etc.

So 10 languages is pretty decent size but not the limit.

Same goes for English as well - if you’re in the UK, then you would trust more of co.uk than .com, or .ca if you’re Canadian. So add 4 for English for now, ignoring SG and SA.

So this together adds up it into the teens.

So - a good project could be 20 domains.

Have multiple of these - and suddenly it’s 3 digits to deal with. Yes, the domain bill is huge, but it’s worth it.

That makes sense. Wish I had better news for you on that but the security thing is a bit of a tricky part for IS to manage on the DKIM side especially and this was the best solution they had.

Saying this, can I assume it shouldn’t limit at least SPF side of things?