DKIM and SPF records

Is it possible to set up DKIM and SPF records so that when a client receives an email it comes from “” instead of

Basically, every email shows coming from your domain instead if IFS.


Hi Chuck interested in this conversation, which client are you seeing this in? As in Outlook or Gmail? I’d love a screenshot of what you are seeing here.

Short answer is yes but where are you seeing that domain name. It’s not the usual


It’s better than it was 2 years ago when it showed your name

Now it shows “your name via

Is there any way to just show your name <your email@your domain>

Hi, @Chuck_Evans,

Yes, we do this for clients often. Under marketing settings there is an option for Email Authentication. DKIM must first be setup on your server. The same is true for SPF but there is no need to validate SPF once setup on the server, just validation for DKIM.

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Thanks John. That wasn’t an option 2 years ago!

No it wasn’t. They came out with it just months ago after DMARC came on the scene.