Zapier Trigger "Tag Added To Contact (INSTANT)" isn't instant!

Since a couple of weeks we experience the issue, that it takes AT LEAST 3 Minutes to send Zapier the Information that a new Tag is added to a contact. Some Cases it takes 10.

(We have Zapier Pro and therefore Keap Max Classic PREMIUM App in Zapier enabled)

10:06 AM → Contact signs up via Web Form and gets immediately Tagged with Tag “Registered” within our Campaign
10:09 AM → Zapier starts the Zap and gets all the data.

I’ve also tested it with more than 5 different campaigns and tags, it’s always the same. At least 3 Minutes, max was 10 Minutes.

You guys know how to fix this? Infusionsoft Support can’t unfortunately, only Developers they said.

When I look at the Zap History from May, it’s only max 30 seconds Delay! Way better, still not instant.

Here is another recent example in Form of Screenshots:

Zapier pro plans query every 2 minutes, so the time could be as short as 2 minutes or as long as 4. If it is taking longer it is probably latency within the Keap system getting the tag applied.

Tag applied events are some of the most rapidly processed in our system due to their significance. The latency you are seeing is due to the Zapier integration and how it processes and throttles requests to the API.

If you wish to open a ticket regarding it, you would need to do so through the maintainer of that integration.