Ability to tag contacts in batches

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I have the following problem:

Is it somehow possible that I only tag 300 contacts at a time, then wait 5 minutes and then tag the next 300 contacts and so on?

I would like to prevent that more contacts get all tagged at the same time. Is there any solution for this?

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We have a REST endpoint that supports adding a tag to multiple contacts at once:

Thank you for your answer!

I am not sure if this solves my problem. Maybe I describe it a bit further.

I have a campaign where I have a couple of thousands of contacts. These contacts will get a tag every morning. Now my problem is that I would like to connect Infusionsoft with Manychat (Facebook Messenger Bot Tool) via Zapier.

Though Zapier only can accept 300 “zaps” at once which means that if I add a tag to a couple of thousands of contacts in Infusionsoft at the same time. Not all of them will get a zap triggered in Zapier.

The solution would be if I could only tag 300 of the couple of thousand contacts, then wait a few minutes, then tag next 300 and so on.

Does anyone know a solution for this?

From the Zapier documentation, there appears to be a 200 item/10 minute/zap rate limit. If you were looking to do a greater number at once, you will need to have a custom solution directly accessing the API developed.

Yup, like @TomScott has said. It would be an api solution that would essentially have to queue and meter the assignments.

Thank you very much for your feedback! That helps already.

Would anyone of you be interested to help me with that? (Of course in exchange for $$)

We do have listings for developer partners in the Marketplace as a starting point with finding someone to help!