Zapier not seeing custom fields

I am trying to create a zap that is triggered when a tag is added to a contact. Each contact with that particular tag will also have a few custom fields. One example is “Paypal email”. While that custom field is visible in IS it is not being brought in with the contact info into Zapier.

Oddly if I select New Contact as the trigger then it does see those custom fields. For obvious reasons though this is not good for the zap I need to create.

Any ideas?

I use IS and Zapier a TON.

I have noticed that Zapier can act a bit weirdly. Most of the time I can get the custom field to work with a tag trigger but sometimes it just won’t load. This usually fixes itself in a few hours or so. I assume this is because the Zapier has to poll for updates. You could try rebuilding the Zap and seeing if they come up.

All of that said however, I have a couple options for you:

You could add in an additional action in Zapier, you can add a Search called “Find a Contact.” This will search for the contact and will 99% of the time find all the custom fields.

Or, you could go with my preferred method that is quicker to trigger everything and is much more reliable.
When you use the Zapier trigger for IS it can take 5 - 15 minutes to trigger the whole process. That is because Zapier polls IS over and over again waiting for that tag to be added to a contact. But, there is a way to use the Campaign Builder in IS to trigger everything instantly AND send exactly the information you need to Zapier. It takes a bit of work but once you get the hang of it, it is super useful. Basically you would use the builder to add a goal for the tag being added to the contact and use a sequence to send an HTTP web-hook to Zapier.

Let me know if you need any help, and I will reply back with a full guide for you!

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Hey Dillian, thanks so much for the answer.

I would love to see how the webhook would work! That would be a great way to solve the issue.

@Dillan_Archer how are you? I saw your post regarding zapier. I would love to see your guide. I am a ICC and would love to connect?


Hello there! I am doing just fine. Thanks for asking.
I cannot believe I never saw @Forest_Parks reply.
Maybe I did and somehow forgot about it!!!

Give me a few day-ish (I have a bunch more automation projects I am working on right now) and I will reply back with a full guide (with pictures and everything) on how I use zapier and the campaign builder!

Oh and please forgive my ignorance what is an ICC?


– Dillan Archer

Works better with Integromat vs Jotform.


Would you also send this guide to me, please.

I have a zap that relies on a custom field in Keap Max Pro, but Zapier is really struggling to pull the data from it into the Zap. Thank you!

I am actually having this issue right now. Zapier is not catching the custom field data. I made a company custom field for a test. Filled it in and nothing. I have used webhooks before and have never had this issue until recently. It is happening on multiple accounts.