XML-RPC ContactService.load issue

We’ve been using this method for a long time, but suddenly today it has started to throw the following error -
“Server returned a fault exception: [0] No method matching arguments: java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer, [Ljava.lang.Object;”

The request is being made in this format, trying to only return the following items -

The odd part is that when we use the ContactService.findByEmail method, looking for the same parameters, the request completes successfully. I can assure you that the input is correct, as this is a function we have been using for at least 3 years, with no issue.
Is there currently an issue with the load method? We currently use the load method throughout our solution, and would rather not have to change to find by email as it does not return a single result.

I think some quirk behaviour happened today, as someone else reported an odd issue.

@TomScott - Anything going on today?