Work around for merging duplicated contacts?

I used to know how to do the work around on how to correct duplicated clients. How do I do this again? I can’t access the video anymore.

Example: When a prospect makes an appointment with me they duplicate their information in my CRM and I want to clean it up if possible.

If you’re not using Max Classic, I don’t believe there is an easy way to do that. I’m pretty sure that Max Classic is the only version that has the dedup option.


While there may not be an official way to find duplicates in Keap Lite, Pro, and Max as of the time of this post, below is at least one workaround that may work for cases where you know a few contacts are duplicates and wish to simply merge these records. Please understand this may not be officially supported for Lite, Pro, or Max at the time of this post, so use at your own risk.

A. Create a temporary tag and apply it to the contacts you wish to merge:

The name of the tag is not critical here, as it is only for temporary use:

B. Navigate to ‘Reports’, and click ‘Tag Tracker’:

C. Edit the report’s criteria to locate the contacts who have the temporary tag, then check the boxes next to the contacts you wish to merge:

D. Click ‘Actions’, then choose ‘Merge Duplicate Contacts’ from the dropdown menu:

E. Determine which information you wish to remain on the merged contact record and click ‘Merge & View Contact’. Keap will make sure you understand this action is permanent and will take you to the merged contact record.:

F. Double-check the merged contact record, then clean up the temporary tag associated with this merge

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Beautiful - thank you so much for the post. Super helpful!

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THANK YOU for this, Timothy. Very helpful. I don’t want to take the time to do a full de-duplication of my whole database, but when I notice a person with two records, this is an easy way to fix it. :smile: