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I’m having a bit of difficulty updating existing contact tags and was hoping for some help on here.

My company sent out a survey via Survey Monkey and one of the questions was “What is your area of interest”. I’ve been given an excel sheet of the response data with the columns “Full Name” “Country” “Email Address” and “Areas of interest”.
I’ve created new tags for the areas of interest, and have added these as additional columns next to the excel data for the purposes of my import.

When I import the CSV file, it creates all new contacts and does not merge these with any of the existing accounts and I can’t find a way to only merge this list when I perform a check for duplicates.

Any help would be appreciated, I have over 2000 contacts and some have multiple areas of interest listed.


Is there a specific reason you don’t want to deduplicate the database as a whole – only these records?
If you want to get these records to merge with existing, without using the ‘dedupe’ process on your entire database, I’d recommend doing a database export (ContactID and Email only).

Then, with your Survey Monkey results, do a VLOOKUP on the email addresses from the survey and cross-reference your Keap account - adding the ContactID from Keap to the SM survey results tab.

Then, don’t ‘import’, but do a ‘data cleanup’ and 'Modify Existing Records" and then upload this list. That will merge the tags on the survey people only into the database.

Otherwise, I’d just do a complete database dedupe after uploading and it will auto-merge them together.

Hope that helps.


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