Wordpress optin plugin - need a duplicate fill redirect

Visitor fills popup form multiple times over several weeks - presumably to get another discount code. (IS record shows they opened and clicked on previous emails containing the code so we assume they are getting them)

Preferred response:
We would like the user to be redirected to a results page instructing them they have previously requested the one-time use code, please check spam folders, call us with questions, etc. maybe include some type of token offer…

The problem:
I am unable to find any sequence options whereby if a tag exists for the previous form fill, the client can be redirected to a page. All sequence items are internal actions, tasks, or an email /phone response.

I see no logic included in the opt-in plugin to check the contact for tags prior to redirects

There is no current want to do a ’smart link’ that will changed based on the tags on the client (PlusThis offers this with their ’smart link’ feature).
Typically, we set up clients so the landing page is generic “Thanks - check your inbox”

Then, from the form submission, run a decision diamond:

Do they have the tag of “been here”?

No - send coupon

Yes - sorry, looks like you’ve signed up before

Hope that helps.


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PlusThis has a tool (Smart Links) that can do this for you. When a form is submitted, you can configure the tool to look for a tag and redirect to a specific page based on the existence or non-existence of that tag.