1 optin form - 2 thank you pages

Hey Community!

I’m looking for a way to show 2 different thank you pages depending on my subscribers’ status. I want people who are already part of my list to be directed to my thank you page A and people who are new to my list to be shown thank you page B.

Is that possible? I used to work with Mailchimp with Optimizepress, it was a piece of cake.

But with IS, even their support told me it wasn’t possible. But I’m guessing there’s still a way… :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Amelie,

So - you’re correct, there IS a way to do this, but Infusionsoft doesn’t do this “out of the box”. You’ll either need to add some custom code to the Thank You page - and use that code to redirect the contact based off of some information, OR, you can lean on a third-party tool of some kind. There are probably a few that can do it, but I’m thinking of PlusThis (the feature is called Smart Links).

You can read more about SmartLinks here:

And if you’re interested in PlusThis, you can save a little bit with my referral link here.

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Thank you so much Greg ! I’ll check this out. :slight_smile: